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About Sunaadalahari
Masterclass 3.0

We are happy to bring back Sunaadalahari Masterclass 3.0, featuring an array of exciting sessions and opportunities guided by Sangita Kalacharya Suguna Varadachari

  • Manodharmam focused learning sessions

  • Class timings will be on weekend - Sunday 7 pm IST/9.30 am EDT

  • Period follow-ups sessions (On-Demand, on need basis).

  • All particippants will be performing a concert during December season based on the curriculum taught. 

  • Class Recording will be available for practice.

  • 75% attendence must to appear for season concert performance.

  • Hybrid interactive sessions(Online & In-Person)

  • Basis Requirements: Varnams in 2 speeds. Audition recording (less than 10 min) should be shared in the application form (Available as google form link)

  • Audition recording not necessary students participated in an earlier Sunaadalahari MasterClass

Suguna Varadachari

Regular 6 months learning sessions. Each sessions will also cover the associated Manodharmam of the Kriti, such as Raga, Neraval & Svarams

Monthly Expert Sessions

Opportunity for students to learn from Stalwarts Rama Ravi, Seetha Narayanan, Dr TS Sathyavati, Laya Aspects from K Arunprakash, Understanding Music & Musicianship through sound from Sai Shravanam

RK Shriramkumar

Monthly sessions - 'Know Your Krithi' focuses on importance on lyrical beauty, its musical nuances along with its explanations

Periodic Follow Ups

Periodic follow-up sessions will be handled by Vid. Aishwarya Shankar as Group sessions for select students. On-Demand 1:1 follow up session from disciples will be available for students who require personal 1:1 mentoring sessions for follow-ups


Application Fee

  • There is a non-refundable application fee of US $50/ INR 1000. You can pay electronically via PayPal @sunaadalahari (Outside India) or (India)

  • The selection process will be handled by Guru Suguna Varadachari and Vid. Aishwarya Shankar, and their decisions will be final.

  • If you are selected and if you accept our offer, there will be a training fee of US $1450/INR 24000

  • Last Date for Application Registration: 20 Apr 2024. The fees are payable on or before 25th Apr 2024.

Application Form

Payment Link For Application

For Outside India -


For India -


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